Interfit Halogen Bulb 250w

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Manufacturer: Interfit

EAN: 5060139012294
Avaibility: In Stock

For use with Interfit 600/1000w Stellar heads

Halogen Modelling Bulb

for Interfit Stellar 6000w & 1000w Heads


Interfot By Karlu Photographic
250w Halogen Bulb for replacement of Interfit Stellar 600w and 1000w heads – NOT TO BE USED IN 150w & 300w HEADS

Long life lamp (more than 8000hrs), Colour Temp 3200k.

Care should be taken when screwing these bulbs into the head as with any Halogen bulb, please avoid getting greasy fingerprints onto the glass as this will cause “hotspots” on the glass when in operation and will decrease it’s lifespan dramatically.

Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 10.49 × 0.00 × 12.00 cm

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